About Malaysia Express Bus Services

Penang offers stunning social heritage and various populaces which can’t be discovered anyplace else around the world. When all is said in done, Penang is an awesome place without anyone else’s input and travelers locate this little place brimming with fascinating things to do and numerous spots to visit even by walking. Penang, Malaysia is an awesome spot to visit because of its practically next to each other guest spots, travelers won’t come up short on things to do. This rundown is only an essence of what Penang can offer its guests and it is not by any stretch of the imagination difficult to begin to look all starry eyed at this delightful island. Genuinely, a Penang travel is a trek worth recalling!

Malaysia express bus from Kuala Lumpur to Penang leaves from the Bandar Tasik Selatan Station incorporated terminal (otherwise called Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). You have the choice of taking the RapidKL bus (T405, T408 or T424), or trains, for example, the LRT (Ampang Line – Bandar Tasik Selatan station), KTM Komuter train (Seremban Line – Bandar Tasik Selatan), and ERL (from KL Sentral or KLIA2) to arrive. In any case, worry not; we’re about alternatives. If Terminal Bersepadu Selatan is badly arranged for you, there are 3 other get focuses you might browse when you buy your KL to Penang bus ticket from Malaysia express bus counter or online. You might choose KTM Old Railway Station (KTM Komuter train – Kuala Lumpur stop) or KL Sentral (by means of LRT) or Hentian Duta (Located on Jalan Duta, by the Tun Razak Hockey Stadium).


With Malaysia express bus, you can choose a wide assortment of bus administrators that go from Kuala Lumpur to Penang at a click of a catch. You can likewise discover the time and seat that best suit you. All is without leaving the solace of your home. When you buy your KL to Penang express bus ticket with Malaysia express bus, you get the go in agreeable busses, for example, Alisan Golden Coach Express, Unititi Express, LionStar Express, Delima Express, KKKL, Starmart Express, Konsortium Express, Causeway Link, Grassland and Sri Maju Yakin BG Express.

Contingent upon the express bus administrators, you might require printing your ticket before boarding the bus or you could simply demonstrate to them your e-ticket. Make sure to discover which one they are more alright with for a smoother begin to your journey. Presently, with your ticket close by, you might head on over to the takeoff lobby to board the bus. If you require help, there are bus station orderlies who will help you discover your way there.

What’s more, in case you’re in front of timetable, there’s a holding up territory where you can sit before the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Penang arrives. When bus touches base in Penang, it will drop you off at Terminal Sungai Nibong. This is the place your gastronomic enterprise starts. They guarantee not to judge in the event that you’ll have to purchase yourself an additional seat for your journey home.

Why you must rent a car in Malaysia

Whenever you are visiting a foreign country or a new place, the first thing which might come to your mind is how to explore the area. Now there are several ways and modes by which you can check out a new place, but you can never substitute the convenience of a car. Yup, opting for a rental car is one of the easiest ways by which you can explore a country and hence it is an option which many travellers opt for.

forteAnd, when you are visiting Malaysia, the dynamic South East Asian country, then a rental car from easybook is a must. There are several Malaysian domestic and intentional car rental companies that operate in the region, and you can take any sort of rental car from them.

What help can the car give you?

Well for a start having a car can easily be one of the most important aspects of a journey or an adventure. A car means you can do whatever you want to and you do not have to follow a certain timetable. Car means you have the flexibility to make your own timetable.

Apart from that a car can easily be useful for your safety. Cars are safe and if you opt for a decent automobile then you can easily protect yourself from various issues whilst travelling. Also, when you have a rental car in Malaysia, you can not only cover all the top cities of the nation (like capital city KL, Putrajaya or George Town) but you can also explore all the smaller regions of the nation like Johor.
Rental discounts

Also, it has been noted that travellers lose loads of money in comfortable public transport options. This is where one can easily rent a car and travel in style and fashion whilst saving money. In Malaysia, you should always rent a car as you can easily get big discounts on it.

Travelling Malaysia by ETS Trains

The launching of new ETS trains in Malaysia really proved to be blessings in disguise! It has not only made travelling a worthwhile experience but also assisted a lot in saving money along with time. Recently I had booked an ETS train ticket from Kuala Lumpur towards Padang Besar and Butterworth, in which I was amazed by its extraordinary speed.

ETS Trains in Malaysia – Dubbed the Bullet Trains


The ETS division 94 high-speed rail tune-up as observed has contributed in dubbing the bullet train. It underwent its successful launching by the Transport Minister of Malaysia after a successful test journey commencing from Batu Gajah to Kuala Lumpur. At present, the ETS train from to Padang Besar from Kuala Lumpur runs twice in a day.

I was successful in catching some of the exclusive and beautiful glimpses of Padang Besar which was a dream city for me. Till date, I was unable to visit the place due to the tedious and lengthy route which costs both health and finance a lot. As soon as I arrived the ETS train, the comfortable and adventurous journey concluded within five hours.

Important Stations of Halting

The train halted in some of the few stations in order to pick up the public from other places who desire to enjoy this wonderful experience. Some of the most common stations on the way include:

  • Kuala Kangsar
  • Taiping
  • Kamunting

As the ETS set of contemporary looking set trains to comprise of six big coaches, it is possible to serve at least 300 people at a time. I was surprised to see hat, not a single guy was devoid of having a comfortable seat. As George my pal missed train from singapore to Kuala lumpur, I was in a bit worry! But surprisingly, as soon as my train departed, another train was available back to back. Both of us reached the desired spot only with a time difference of five minutes.

Declaration by the Minister

Recently, the minister quoted the availability of more than 10 places of ETS trains for the convenience of the public. Once they get fitted after being ordered, they all will be but in various routes from Kuala Lumpur for convenience. Plans exist for the introduction of Klang Valley style rail user services within definite districts in Perak including citing Kuala Kangsar –Sungaaai Siput-Ipoh-Kampar as the best possible route.

Opening of Brand New Manufacturing Plant

It is a matter of great joy for me to learn that a trademark new manufacturing sow for rail transportation by CRRC Rolling tock Centre Malaysia has been inaugurated at Batu Gajah. This plant along with its team of highly experienced and eminent staff members has taken the project of producing more than 100 carriages in an annual basis.

It has also been known to renovate and uphold more than 140 vehicles which include the following as well:

  • Electric and diesel trains
  • Mass rapid transportation
  • High-speed trains

As this project has been undertaken for the further benefit of the people, the fare is not at all too high. Special rebate is available for senior citizens and students against the producing of identity cards.

Great news!


Wavemaster Ferry Schedule to Batam


wavemaster-ferryBatam Island, is the second most popular promotes tourist destinations in Indonesia after Bali. It is possible to travel to Batam by availing the best through a wide range of free and easy tour packages from the Internet. In order to get to this island, it is essential to travel by ferry in order to get yourself away from the hustle and bustle associated with the city life.

Wavemaster Ferry Schedule to Batam – Enables a Planned Tour

As it is close to the equator, the island has been reported to experience tropical climate round the year. Also, the place experiences rain usually from July to November. Following the easybook ferry to batam will prevent your tour to the site from getting affected due to its planned routine.  You will be firstly taken to this main land of Indonesia in order to enable you to enjoy the serenity of the island and appreciate the associated beauty.

The presence of a numerous hotels and resorts are available from which you need to choose the best one. Also, you may easily approach the massage parlors near the beach area to boost the level of your relaxation. If you are in search of an action packed adventure, then you may request the hotel or the locals to arrange a hike or ATV ride for you. You may also go to the elephant park and enjoy lifetime adventurous journey on the back of tamed elephants. You may also choose to play golf here.

Batam – Perfect Place to Play Golf

batam-golfYou will be glad to learn that Batam is a perfect place to play golf with family and friends due to the presence of wide array of land. While playing, you can also enjoy the associated beauty of the island. Prices vary from one spot to another. Hence it is advised to compare the prices of the different spots in order to fetch the right match for you.

In case you are a seafood lover, then there are wide number of restaurants in Batam which have been known to offer seafood cuisines at an affordable range. It is advised to know a few Indonesian phrases in order to understand completely the contents available in the menu card. You may also ask for a local cuisine in case you want to have a new taste in your plate. In case you are a vegetarian, need not worry as you will get a wide number of options open in front of you!

Few Shops in Batam – Holding Stocks of Wine and Beer

In general, as most of the local people are Muslims, only a few shops are available who hold limited stock of wine and beer. In case you prefer drinking booze, the hotel concierge can be approached for fetching one. Batam is considered to be the best tourist spot for enjoying a trip with family hence getting rid of daily monotony.

A Place of Adventure

Are you planning a vacation trip to Malaysia? Then you should be spending a good time in the Asian country and will be forming some good memories for your life. Malaysia, having a diversified culture makes the land welcoming for anyone from the world.



It is a tourist destination where you will find the tourist from all corners of the world. Though the entire country is being divided I to two part west Malaysia which consist the main land for the country and the other one is the East Malaysia which consist of the Indonesia and Brunei as its part.

Choose the tour packages for a complete tour of the place

If you are keen on finding holiday destination then there are lots of options available. This country is awake all the time and its trading hours is twenty-four hours. You will get the markets, recreation centers, commercial places and other streets brightly lit up at all time of the day and night. So you can easily visit the place at any time of the day you want to.

The highly advanced country gives you the opportunity to enjoy every kind of enjoyment be it a kid, teenager or an adult or old people. So it is a place for everyone to spend a good time with family friends and colleagues.
Malaysia tourism has kept the facility of car rentals easily available due to its convenience for the visitors they can easily take up the advantages and can plan their schedule accordingly hiring a car for a day long.

Besides you can also take up the option of the public transport which is also available all the country with a good service on its entirety. So spend good days at the place with your near and dear ones.